Agile at Poppulo

Agile is about continuous improvement, not only for the product we are building but for own process as well. In this talk at Agile Cork, I go through the evolution of the processes used over the last few years at Poppulo (formerly Newsweaver), from a large iteration based development approach, to Scrum and more recently Kanban, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

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Working with Microservices has recently become very trendy, however building dynamic and distributed systems doesn’t come without new challenges. Service Discovery is one of these challenges: enabling services to dynamically discover other services and communicate with them. In this talk at, I go through a Service Discovery solution, using Airbnb Smartstack to wire up Microservices running in Docker containers.

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Pierre Vincent

Software Engineer, SRE & OSCP

Head of SRE

Glofox - Ireland